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ETHL is so excited to be partnering with Dr. Kimberly Santiago, pioneer of infant laser frenectomies in the Seattle area, beginning in late October. Dr. Santiago has been instrumental in establishing the standard of care with CO2 infant laser frenectomies in the greater Puget Sound. Her personal journey nursing three children, one of which was tongue-tied, has made her mission and commitment to mothers, babies, and families a pillar of her daily practice.

There are fantastic benefits that make CO2 laser frenectomies a top choice for families. Firstly, the CO2 laser is the only laser that should be used to treat your child’s tongue and lip-tie; any other type of laser is burning the tissue. The CO2 laser seals off blood vessels, lymphatic vessels and nerve endings creating a sterile wound. Laser frenectomies when performed properly, remove all of the superfluous tissue. Dr. Santiago ensures that all of the tethering tissue is removed properly; the laser affords the ability to see in a clear field and that all tissue is removed properly without going too shallow or too deep. Dr. Santiago’s skillset, attention to detail during surgery, post-operative care protocol, follow-up appointment, and collaboration with top Lactation support, Craniosacral Therapists, Oral Myofunctional Therapists, Occupational Therapists, and others help give mom and baby the best chance possible to be successful nursing and continuing a journey to health.

Dr. Santiago also brings her knowledge of sleep-related breathing disorders in children and adults to our practice as well. While she is interviewing and assessing both you and baby, she will explore questions about your health history, your partner’s, as well as your other children; this topic is directly related to the tongue’s ability to function properly especially during the early years of life. She can help guide you to life-saving discussions and referrals.

Let our ALL female team, who understand what you are going through firsthand, assess your breastfeeding challenge and help make your journey a healthy and successful one!