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Basal Body Temp 5/22/17

Learn what the basal body temperature is and it's significance in charting your fertility. More

Your BBT, or basal body temperature, is your body temperature at rest as measured in the morning after at least four hours of sleep, before you get up, with a special BBT thermometer that you can buy at your drugstore.

Before ovulation, during your follicular phase, basal temperatures are relatively low. After ovulation, your basal body temperature rises sufficiently that you can see the difference between your pre-ovulation and post-ovulation temperatures when they are plotted on a graph.

A fertility chart that shows ovulation detected by BBT will have a two phase: the follicular phase and the luteal phase. This means that it will show lower temperatures before ovulation, a rise (thermal shift), and then higher temperatures after ovulation. Ovulation usually occurs on the last day of lower temperatures.


Basal Temperature: This is your body temperature when you are fully at rest



  • Use only a “Basal Thermometer”
  • Take first thing in the morning after at least 4 hours of uninterrupted sleep
  • Document every day on you BBT chart.
  • Start on Day 1 of your cycle (first day of your period)
  • Alert your provider with significant DROP’s in your temp (may be a sign of imminent ovulation!)


  • Pull all-nighters; basal body temperature are only useful when you’ve had at least 4 hours of continuous sleep (sleep deprivation can also negatively affect your ovulation)
  • Drink alcohol; alcohol will affect your reading and cause spikes in temps
  • Skip on charting every day is important to collect data that will eventually illustrate your ovulation pattern
  • Cervical Mucous: Cervical mucous changes throughout the menstrual cycle and serves as a primary fertility sign
  • How to check: insert clean finger into the vagina as far up until touch of cervix, usually morning is the most convenient time

Cervical Mucous 5/22/17

Know the characteristics and what they mean. More

Scar and dry = typical right after menstruation
Creamy = before fertile days
Watery and Egg white consistency = fertile days
Document your everyday finding onto your chart

Ovulation Predictor Kits 5/22/17

How to test and what is it's significance in charting your fertility. More

Ovulation Predictor Kits (OPKs): at home kits that you can easily utilize by dipping a test strip into your urine and interpreting the result line against the test line in order to detect your “LH surge.” The LH surge is when the luteinizing hormones increases, signaling that ovulation is about to occur in 24-36 hours


  • Read the OPK’s instruction and interpretation instructions; Kits can vary and one brand is no better than the next; however, it is important to understand when to read the test, i.e. after 5 minutes; and how to interpret the findings; i.e. result line must be as dark or darker than test line in order for it to be interpreted as “positive”
  • Rest when instructed to test; you will probably be instructed to start OPK testing on Day 10 of your cycle, depending on your cycles
  • USE MID-DAY URINE! Unlike pregnancy test, it is best to take the test Mid-morning or Mid-day, anywhere between 11am – 1pm
  • You may be instructed to test twice: usually mid-day and before bed
  • Document your findings and communicate with your provider when you get your first positive!


  • Use first morning urine
  • Skip: there is such a narrow window that skipping can jeopardize knowing when you ovulate
  • Over test: Testing twice should be the maximum; no need to waste test strips and make yourself crazy

Lastly, my favorite, and most important


  • Be kind to yourself
  • Celebrate your body and the process
  • Communicate with me with any issues, questions or if there is just something unclear or on your mind.


  • Over think, over analyze and Google…go back up to the last DO’s …just ask me.


*ALCOHOL: drinking alcohol will increase our BBT and give false readings.
*CAFFEINE: large quantities of caffeine can cause insomnia, which can increase you BBT
*DIRECT HEAT: Heating pads, hot water bottles, Jacuzzis or extremely hot bathes can cause major problems after insemination